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Part 4

Testimonials & More

pin David Ankrap - Just wanted to let you know that your "Real Success" video tapes are fantastic. I have been through them 3-times since purchase and mostly use the methodology to successfully position trade Wheat and Live Cattle.

pin J. T. Barragan - I have reviewed the first 4 Real Success tapes several times and found them Good! They certainly helped me to appreciate the use of Bollinger Bands. I have read about Bollinger Bands in many trading books, in particular the comments by John Bollinger himself in "Understanding Bollinger Bands" by Edward Dobson. Some of the comments in the book can be better appreciated by watching the tapes - the tapes certainly prove they work! Tapes 5 and 6 - I liked the use of the "Pivot Point" terminology instead of "Higher Swing High" - "Higher Swing Low."

I feel very confident my trading will continue to improve as I become more familiar with your methodology - thanks to you.

pin Joe Murdock - It's Friday afternoon after the close. I just thought I'd give you some feedback after the first full week of trading with the "Real Success" trading methodology. I received the tapes and immediately locked myself in the "immersion room" to see if I could digest them before Monday's opening. To be honest, at first I was a little taken aback. After trading successfully for more than a year with the original "Real Success" method, where the hell were my trusted swing-highs and swing-lows? What is this stuff about Keltner reversal bars? What is a Keltner extreme move? How am I going to trade 1-minute bars? After the initial shock wore off I realized that you had, not only, made the methodology in the first series more sound, but enhanced and expanded upon it with completely new material. Great job. By Monday morning I thought was comfortable enough to boot up and give it try. I wasn't. I paper traded all day. I kept watching the screen, referring to the tapes, watching the screen . . . etc . . . By the end of the day I was both angry with myself for not trusting the methodology, and exhilarated by the results. I couldn't wait for Tuesday. To save time, I'll give you just the highlights.

From Tuesday through Friday by the lunch break I had made twenty three trades. (more than normal) I had seven winners in a row. (modest), one loser, (again modest) seven winners, one loser, and then six winners, one loser. Now the best, using simply the most basic tenant of the method, I was able to catch a large part of the 1125 point move to the downside that occurred about twenty minutes form the close. What a way to go into the weekend!!! Do I expect to keep up this pace. Probably not. Does the "Real Success" methodology work. You tell me. Honesty Dave, I did nothing but what I was taught on the tapes. Sure feel does play a part. You go to great pains to point out that no method is 100% mechanical. But I can only tell you of my experience. Some days its there, some days it's not. But it sure helps to have tools you can believe in. I have been trading my own account for about 5 years. It wasn't until I got my hands on the "Real Success" tapes that I started to make consistent money. In my opinion, Real Success is very powerful. But I do know that my experience has been nothing but positive. There is a selfish part of me that hopes I can keep this new knowledge all to myself. But the larger part, the guy who was frustrated and struggling for three years would hope that anyone who is in that same boat would do themselves a big favor and start seriously studying either or both of this really terrific work. Thanks again Dave. I sorry I really haven't contributed very much to the CTCN Newsletter, but I'm really not much of a technical guy, and pretty much like to mind my own business. But damn, when someone has been as helpful as you have I've got to stick my head up and say "Great job." Please let me know when the next series is coming out. I'll be watching.

pin Walter Tweedie - I feel I must also express my gratitude to you for your work. Your latest video series has helped my trading skills and results a lot. I am currently using candlestick charts with a Keltner Channel overlay, plus an additional 50 or 100 period moving average, in a 1 or 5 minute time frame. I also use market profile to ascertain additional support and resistance levels which help a lot. I trade predominately the Nikkei 225, and find this market is suitable to our time zone and has plenty to offer most days by way of ranges even in a non trending market. Unlike Greg, I like to sleep at nights so I haven't looked at the American markets, but if $5000 per week is in the offering for 1 contract I might have to review this!! The quality of the material on your site is exceptional and I feel we have a great forum for learning. If more members were to have some input by way of communication, I think we would all benefit. In my trading I agree with Dave that it is better not to have too many indicators as it tended to make me hesitate more than I should, also the CNN News clouds the vision more than it should.

pin N. Oss - The tapes from the "Real Success" course were very helpful in my trading. Everything fell into place with the free report you give to people from your website regarding swing trading.

pin J. Murdock - I'm sorry it has taken me so long to send you the promised thank you, but I'm afraid you will have to shoulder some of the blame. For the past month I have been completely absorbed in watching and trading the "Real Success Methodology." Sitting here trying to write this I'm finding it hard to find the words to appropriately express my gratitude and amazement. Fortunately, for me, the materials arrived just in time for me to go over them 2 or 3 times, and participate in crude, heating oil and wheat just as they were just starting to move. Thank you. I have in the past, sent for, reviewed and returned a number of "sure fire systems." Some of the material was O.K., but none were equal to the hype. As far as I'm concerned, the "Real Success Methodology" is the real thing. I actually stumbled across the CTCN website quite by accident. I was looking for a website where I could get information about the Gann techniques. Fortunately I stayed long enough to browse your site and read a couple of the back newsletters, and just generally poke around. Boy, am I glad I did. Based on what I perceived to be a genuine desire to host a forum where traders could exchange thoughts and information, I immediately subscribed for two years, ordered 14 back issues of the CTCN newsletters, and the Gann materials as well. The Gann information is superb! In a small and very concise volume you took the mystery out of the Gann mumbo-gumbo. After applying what I read, I literally gasped when I applied the angle tool to a number of back charts. Probably one of the most valuable things I was able to see was how difficult it would be to use only Gann to profitably trade the markets short-term. For a very small price you saved me thousands of dollars. Based upon that experience, I went back to the CTCN website a number of times. I had seen the "Real Success Methodology" a few times, but never considered spending $800 or $900 for any trading method. I was reluctant. After downloading and reading the entire "Real Success . . ." website, I was convinced not only of your sincerity, but also of the potential value of the materials. I closed my eyes, made the call and ordered. Believe me it was the best decision (next to proposing to my wife) I have ever made. At the risk of getting corny, you via, "Real Success Methodology," have without a doubt changed my life, and allowed a long time dream to come true. I had planned to move my family to rural Oregon this coming Fall, and was driving myself nuts looking for a way I could simply drop out of a very unrewarding and frustrating corporate environment to trade full-time. You have provided me with the means to do so. Thank you again. In closing I just what to emphasize that if the "Real Success Methodology" is studied and applied you can and will be successful.

pin Tony Scheck - I am enjoying watching the tapes. I have just finished the first complete viewing. Tomorrow starts the second viewing. Thanks for sending a copy of the CTC News with the tapes. Could you please start my 2 yr. membership. I look forward to getting the backissues also. I am planning on becoming a full-time daytrader. I got downsized at my job. I have done some (about 3-months worth) commodities trading during the last 18-years. I like your balanced approach toward trading. Trading has to be approached with a workmanlike low stress approach so that it can be done for the long-term to create a manageable livelihood, not trying to become a millionaire the first month or year at it. I now can give the studying and paper trading my full-time attention.

pin Gerry Quigley - I finished the Real Success videos a few days ago and am very impressed. The simplicity and success of the technique is truly an eye-opening experience. Your discussion and use of the clusters of market orders around support, resistance and trend lines is masterful. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get off to a successful start in daytrading the S&P.

pin Leonard Bazar, Ph.D. - I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed your informative Real Success course.

pin Terry Fox - I am really enjoying the Real Success Methodology tapes. I consider it money well spent!

pinTim Appeld - Trading Method owner - letter: "Dear Dave, In response to buying your Real Success video tapes, I can say, "make more of them as soon as possible." I will honestly buy as many as these trading tapes as I can. I have nothing in the way of quote equipment yet and these tapes are honestly the best "classroom format" I've ever seen, short of actually being there. Great product, Dave."

pin Otis Autre - Trading Method owner & CTCN Member: "The Real Success Video tape trading course is trading done in real-time right before your eyes without regard to whether it was a winning or losing trade, and not some historical statement showing percentages of winners vs. loss.

I consider the CTCN Newsletter a world wide pool of knowledge each member can benefit by and an editor with a reputation for honesty. A great combination.

pin Cal Boecourt - Trading Method owner - E-Mail - "Thanks for both of your messages. I've been trying the (Real Success) 'Keltner Reversal' trading method. Thursday, I had five winners out of seven trades. Today I had two winners out of five. Trading 'reversals' does give one a better chance to win in trading range markets."  

pin Fred Brassh - Trading Method owner - E-mail: "I've enjoyed the Real Success tapes and Manual. I feel I have a sound understanding of the methodology."

pinMike Cornwell - Trading Method owner - letter: " I have found Dave Green's Real Success Video Tape Trading Course to be of tremendous value. As a previous (failed) trader, I have learned thru Dave's tapes that it is very important for the hopeful trader to have the extensive, "hands-on," clearly explained and demonstrated tutorial that his trading course has provided."

pin "As a result of viewing his tapes a number of times, I was able to start trading my own account with confidence. To this point I have only traded three days, but have netted $975.00. More to come! Thanks Dave (and Denise!)"  

pin John Cullen - Trading Method owner " CTCN member - letter: "I thoroughly enjoy the CTCN newsletter. I have found support, advise and comfort in reading what others have done and am doing, understanding their mind-set and trying to apply it to my own trading. It's reassuring listening to other traders, their thoughts, their ups &downs, and knowing it isn't just some sales "B. S." I have the Real Success video. However, I do not trade the S&P's but I want to start using it for some short-term position trading in the less expensive commodities."

pin Ed Cuttler - Trading Method owner & CTCN Member - letter: "Your CTC newsletter is great and the Real Success 'system' is probably the best thing that has happened to my trading... I just don't know it yet (as) I am still learning. On 7 real-time S&P trades, I am down $125. Not bad for not knowing what I am doing! It may take some time to catch on to the 20% of the (Real Success) method that is not mechanical. Hope to be successful with the method soon."  

pin Sam Fequa - Trading Method owner - Fax: "I found your Video Trading Course educational. I feel the methodology has a lot of potential for generating a steady income. . . I want to thank you for your continuing efforts for providing CTCN and educational products & service."  

pin James Geffankys - Trading Method owner - letter: " The (Real Success) videos are very educational but I haven't traded yet so I don't think it will be wise for me to make a testimonial until I start trading. I am still learning." 

pin Bob Gross - Trading Method owner - letter "… I am not too happy with Omega Research. Except for your sincerely valuable (Real Success Trading Course) Program, I would say forget it! Paper trading looks good.

pinM. James - Trading Method owner - letter "Dave, I have your Real Success methodology and think a lot of it - thanks."  

pin Bob Kohler - Trading Method owner - letter: " I loved the (Real Success) Course but don't want to comment on it until I actually start trading it. I am in the process of computerizing now."  

pin Norbert Kuehn - Trading Method owner from Germany - "Thank you for your Real Success Methodology ." 

pin Karl-Hans Mohr - Trading Method owner from Germany - "In answer to your question, Yes, I believe my Real Success Video Tape Trading Course is of value and worth the investment in it from a learning & educational viewpoint. Also, "The Real Success Course was quite easy for me to understand."  

pinMichael Namba - Trading Method Owner & CTCN Member - letter - "I found your Real Success Trading Course to be the most thorough demonstration of a trading methodology I have ever seen. The tapes clearly show step-by-step this winning methodology.

pin Richard Raynders - Trading Method owner - letter: " My wife and I have viewed the Real Success tapes a total of five-times, beginning-to-end. It is the best real time course I have ever seen. In fact I don't believe there is anything like it in the volumes of trading systems being offered for sale. A very good value."  

pin Roger R. - Trading System owner - phone call - "Hello Dave! Roger here, your old Swing Catcher client in Germany (from several years ago). I just got married and am now on my Honeymoon here in Venice, Italy. Is the upgraded Swing Catcher System ready to be mailed out? I'll be back in Germany next week waiting for it.

Reply from Dave Green - "Sorry, we had a 'bug' develop in the CSI data reading area of the program. Hope to get it fixed soon and will mail it to you as soon as possible. P.S.: Isn't this dedication to be on your Honeymoon in Venice but still be concerned about your commodity trading system!"  

pin Jim Shaw - Trading Method owner & CTCN Member - E-Mail - "Thanks for getting back to me. . . I think your publications. . . are terrific. Hopefully in the near future I'll have something worthwhile to contribute."

pin Preston Skniwitz - Trading Method owner - letter - "Dear Dave, I am new at intra-day real-time trading and your (Real Success) course is well worth the money. I have all the necessary software and information to begin actual trading. I am now sharpening my skills at recognizing the patterns with which I am comfortable."  

pin Bob Stephenak - Real Success Trading Method owner - e-mail: - "Thanks for putting together the Real Success Methodology tapes and manual, as well as the newsletter. I have learned much from the tapes and newsletter, which in my opinion was very informative. It definitely exceeded my expectations."  

pin Linda Summer - Trading Method Owner & CTCN Member - letter - "I'm still a novice with high hopes and I'm trying to understand & learn . . . Success at this price is a steal . . . the videos are all one really needs and experience makes the difference."  

pin Don Vinyard - Trading Method owner - E-mail: " I thought I would send you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Real Success Method. I am presently paper trading the method and have been averaging $150 to $200 per day, until July 16, on that day I made paper profits of $12,425. I am very excited about this method and looking forward to trading it real-time. Thanks again for all your help."  

pinProspective Club Member Mr. Wilson Meador also wrote: "I read with great interest the articles about S&P trading (Reprinted by permission in Bruce Babcock's Commodity Traders Consumer Report) which was originally published in your (Commodity Trading) Club News. P.S. Please send me a sample issue of Commodity Traders Club News."

Editor's Reply: A number of members have requested videos in lieu of a seminar. Good news: You may now get CTC's own fantastic VHS video tapes of the Real Success method being traded by Dave Green from CTCN's home/office.

Subsequent Editor's Note: The Real Success method is about 80% mechanical. There's a certain degree of "art to the science" involving the last 20% or so. However, the important 20% will be taught to you in our videos and trading manual. CTCN's revealed secrets methodology, which is based in part on articles written by Dave Green and Commodity Traders Club, has been enhanced and covered in even greater detail those famous articles in our hands-on futures trading videos and our easy-to-use spiral-bound trading manual. The markets current higher price levels and increased volatility are also taken into consideration. In addition to the money management and stop-loss methods employed, the currently suggested stop-loss levels and other ways to fine-tune the method are provided to you as a new (free) supplement to the original trading course, so you may trade profitably.

pin I recently got hooked-up to real-time data. I'm licking my chops as I watch the S&P make its $1,000 to $2,500 daily moves. I won't start trading with these intraday-day charts until I get a little more data to work with. I really believe I have valid or good bet signals, but what concerns me most is will I be able to consistently trade my signals? I knew about this very fundamental and serious psychological problem long before they were mentioned in CTCN. However, it's always good to have a successful trader agree with you. I rank this reinforcement of valid truths about the market as badly needed psychological help for the up-and-coming trader.

pin Another valid truth mentioned in CTCN. is, "You learn trading by trading." Real trading in real markets with real money. I couldn't agree more, and yet I'm sure lots can be learned through thousands of hours of studying historical charts.

As mentioned by CTCN writers and re-stated here: "Don't be too concerned with data service, type of data (perpetual vs. continuous vs. regular data), quote machines, charting services, advisory services, technical analysis methods, etc. This is all garbage and will not make you any money. Discipline, a well defined but simple trading plan based on sound trading principles, good money management methods, and the psychology of trading will make you plenty of money. That's only providing you can shed all the heavy baggage of the believed to be valuable trading tools and concentrate on these aspects of trading. This will really make you lots of money!

pin Observations on Recent Issues of Commodity Traders Club News - Member William Shelton (following June issue) - Dave, your publication is getting to be very interesting and would like to praise you for the extra work you are doing for your readers, e.g., trying to get more informative articles.

pin Comments on Past Commodity Trading Club News Issues - George Bashar (July issue) - My question is, why would a trader who has a proven, successful system sell it to anyone else? Futures trading, as we all know, is a zero-sum game. For every $1,000 one person "wins," someone else has to "lose" $1,000. Therefore, could someone selling a book, system or running a seminar, please explain why, if your system is so good, would you not keep it to yourself? And please spare me the explanation of altruism or humanitarianism or sharing your thoughts with others to enhance the mutual learning process. (The two article reprints below give answers to this question)

Editor's Note:Commodity traders are frequently highly suspicious as to why vendors sell their knowledge or their trading system, rather than use it themselves as their main source of income. The truth is, it's usually much more lucrative and easier selling knowledge and teaching others, compared to doing it yourself.

For example, I recently listened to a speech by Robert Allen, the well-known author of the popular book on how to buy real estate with no down payment titled "Nothing Down." Even though he is an expert on the subject and has successfully invested in 125 properties, he admits he makes much more money as a vendor of the "nothing down" knowledge versus doing it himself. He also says it is easier, less time consuming, less risky, and has far greater profit potential being a vendor of information on how to do it, rather than actually doing it.

If you can market and sell your own product, regardless of what it is, you can make much more money teaching others how to do it versus just doing it yourself. This is true in many diverse types of businesses, including trading and investing. If you think about it, it makes sense why this is true -- because knowledge is power.

Remember the old Bible Proverb "Knowledge is of more value than gold, receive my instructions and not silver, and knowledge rather than gold." In fact, due to the tremendous profit potential trading commodities successfully, commodity futures knowledge is probably more valuable than any other endeavor. This is why there's nothing at all wrong or suspicious about someone being a vendor rather than trading full-time for a living.

For the Most Part Vendor Prices are Fair & An Incredible Bargain! (Re-printed from May issue of CTCN) by new member Bob Aughey - There's always lots of discussion on the subject of vendor prices, particularly trading systems. While it's certainly true there's some overpriced garbage out there, I think for the most part, pricing is fair and often an incredible bargain.

I have heard the argument that most trading system programs are less complex to develop and program than the average word processing program, so therefore, it should cost the same or less. I think that there is an important difference, not the least of which is that software designed by large corporations for mass distribution is just that, mass distributed. Volume sales will always allow for smaller gross profit per unit. What I feel is the more important issue to support higher prices for trading software is the disclosing of valuable secrets . . . trade secrets.

Why people sell their secrets is another subject for discussion, but personally, I think that plain old pride of authorship is the main reason. But back to the subject here.

An incredible amount of work goes into creating a quality trading system that can be marketed to the trading public. That is the trading public, not the general public. After hundreds or even thousands of hours of development and testing, is it realistic to think someone should be able to buy the product for next to nothing?

Trading system vendors sell their products to a very tiny slice of the software end-user pie. You have to wonder why anyone would devote so much time, money and expertise to market a product to such a small audience. We are fortunate that some do.

The next time you power up your PC and call up your favorite trading system, analysis or toolbox program, and at the end of the session you are armed with trading signals in which you have confidence and that have resulted in making you money in the toughest financial arena in the world, take a moment to reflect on the fact that system vendors have to make a living, just like traders and everybody else.

Lastly, when you consider the purchase of any software product, do us all a favor: Do your homework! Ask the tough questions. When you are satisfied, pay the money.

You will remember the quality of the product and the support long after you have forgotten the price. Remember that knowledgeable consumers are always the best defense against Holy Grail merchants. They also make the best customers.

Editor's Note: After hearing about Bob's article (which appeared in another publication), I contacted him about it. I found what he had to say very valuable and true . . . and something rarely publicly stated before. Bob authorized running it in CTCN.

pin About Market Structure & Simple Consistent Trading & Five Vertical Bars - B. E. Kramer (Aug/Sept issue) - I joined Commodity Traders Club News last month. After reading the present issue and then all the back-issues, I felt I had to send in my two-cents.

pin First congratulations to Dave Green. I think you have a great publication. A forum that allows views to be expressed like this aren't found very often. I was very impressed with some of the contributions that have been written thru the years. I enjoyed articles in CTCN and what writers had to say. It's very interesting.

pin Miscellaneous Ramblings from a Neophyte Named Zas - Ron Zasadny (Oct/Nov issue) - First, I want to thank and encourage writers in CTCN for sharing their very encouraging thoughts on his trading concepts. Unless a person is ego driven (are there any ego- driven successful traders out there?) it takes a fair amount of effort to make the time to sit and put your thoughts in writing. It took me 3-months of procrastinating to write this. writers in CTCN and other successful traders have alluded to it, that as a trader matures and becomes more profitable he uses fewer and fewer indicators. In my searching for the "Holy Grail of Trading" there seems to be a perverse ratio of "wannabe" indicator crazed "techno" geek traders to actively trading Real Traders, at the various seminars I have attended.

pin Could it be??? na . . . but then again maybe . . . The Holy Grail might be found in the kingdom of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sweetie) I think I am on to something.

pinDave, I just received the latest issue (October issue). Really glad you are going to offer the methodology. My problem: I shall be out of the USA for much of next February, and would really hate to miss out on it. Dan Salyer from Kentucky.

pin Love Being a Full-Time Trader From Home - Paul Ryan (Oct/Nov Commodity Traders Club News) - It is great to have a forum like yours, especially for one who is striving to be a successful trader, whose life and well-being are really on the line trading everyday. I can't share any great easy secrets, but I'd like to share some thoughts and perhaps a path with the potential to introduce you through your desire and hard work to someone who can help you. I took the plunge to working alone. No employees, no customers, very little contact during the working day with anyone. I love it as I'm sure you do. The decisions we make are totally our own whether we win or lose, we learn and hopefully grow.

pin My approach to trading is very different, but I still get a lot from CTCN articles. Keep them coming! You wrote a small paragraph in your last article which is pure gold. It starts with: "The biggest challenge to your success." So very painfully TRUE! Dale Johnson had a nice article in the last issue. I have to disagree with him when he says a person trading daily bar charts will make as much as the intra-day trader over a year's time. I haven't proven it, but I see much more potential profits from daytrading.

pin Special Announcement made in Commodity Traders Club News Dec/Jan issue: "Please watch your mail for a special offer from CTCN for the S&P daytrading methodology. You will be able to spend time watching (Dave Green) trade the markets both real-time and hypothetically, using CTC's own Revealed Secrets (Real Success) methods, from the comfort of your home and you may be able to trade successfully by studying the tapes and manual."

pinJoe Ross - My trading methodology, if I have one, is to have learned how to read a chart and to know which tool to use and when to use it. Almost everything I do works, because I've learned how to trade.

pin Benefits from Psychology Evaluation & Advice - The Enemy is Within - Robert Edwards - As a personal note, I want to thank CTCN for having the guts to publish articles pointing out negative psychological perspective. I decided to be evaluated and was determined to be manic depressive. Through counseling, an anti-depressant (Zoloft) and a good support system that has been set up, I have made tremendous psychological improvements and my trading has benefited as a result. With help and counsel found in Commodity Trading Club News, I can and will trade successfully.

pin Member David Fent - Thanks for creating this forum. Eight to 10-years ago I washed out on my first effort at trading commodities and haven't traded since. As a recent subscriber to CTCN, I have been greatly encouraged to the extent that I'm certain I will be successful when I resume trading in the future.

Thanks for the tips and advice from successful traders kind enough to share them with the rest of us. Thus to see that their are traders making a living using essentially the same market entry signals that I failed with, shows me that my trading tools will work if I can get out of the way and let them.

Though I have not yet resumed trading, my entire experiences of what it feels like to be alive, has been profoundly uplifted by the certainty that with the help of the counsel offered here, I can and will trade successfully.

pin Michael Mansfield - I now got the feeling that you will be (or probably are now) the most credible traders' forum in the futures industry, (perhaps you should have an on-line version on the Internet. CTCN needs more articles from successful traders. In that regard, I hope to help facilitate your success by providing your readers with some tasty items to entice their imaginations with visions of $$$$. I am happy to say you have a real winner in your stable of futures trading tools. It just goes to show you (us), if you have a dream, go for it.

pin Dr. Robert Fojo - October issue of Commodity Traders Club News: I just recently began my membership in Commodity Trading Club. I thoroughly enjoy it and have extracted many useful ideas for my own trading. I am very interested in day trading the S&P markets and have read with great enthusiasm and encouragement the articles written in CTCN. Many writers state in their articles that they use Keltner Bands as channels, but I have been unable to find any such indicators in any software package. I wonder if it might be possible to find out how they construct the Keltner Bands or what software they use to chart them. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

pinKeep up the excellent work with Commodity Traders Club News and I soon hope to share my trading experiences with you and the rest of your subscribers.

Editor's Note: The exact Keltner Formula will be given to you in our new trading manual.

pinRichard M. (last name withheld by request) - Just a short note here to tell you I'm really enjoying your newsletter. Best investment I ever made! Also, keep me on the Real Success method mailing list.

pin Joe Curtin - January issue of Commodity Traders Club News: I am a new subscriber who looks forward to each copy of this newsletter. For a novice, it's the best investment I have made. After each issue, I feel empowered and focused. I currently follow the markets through daily quotes provided by Technical Tools. It is a good service for my current needs. I enjoy the stories regarding fill quality of firms. Being a small trader, fill quality is very important. More recommendations, please. I look forward to writing articles in the future and paying back the members for the wisdom I have taken from them.

Editor's Note: No doubt Joe is referring to articles, which have supplied more in-depth wisdom and knowledge than anyone else . . with CTC's own hands-on videos and trading manual you will learn even more . . . so much you should also be able to trade for a living . . . from home, if desired, and be financially independent the rest of your life.

pin John Holsinger - wrote in January to Commodity Futures Trading Club News: I have enjoyed reading the articles in CTCN. I make it a point to reread them frequently. Your methodology makes a great deal of sense to me.

pin I am writing you to inquire as to when you will be releasing your tapes and reference materials. I read in the January issue of CTCN that ordering information would be available soon.

pin Are the Real Success Videos Available? Harold Neer - I have followed CTCN with considerable interest since daytrading the stock indexes has come to be my main interest (forsaking position trading, bellies, bonds, cattle, grains, O.J., coffee, etc.) Now using the NYFE, maybe S&P later. I probably won't be able to attend a seminar, but would be interested in purchasing videos, notes, books, etc., which might be available, if the price wasn't too high.

Editor's Note:Many other members have also asked about obtaining video tapes and manual of CTC's Real Success's successful futures trading methods. Therefore, since our planned seminar has been canceled (as we are no longer partners and due to legal reasons), we are going to offer our own video tapes and futures trading manual detailing our Real Success (Real Success - Revealed Secrets) methodology.

pin I was not very successful until I developed my own methods of trading - by Bob Perry - I've been reading Commodity Traders Club News for about a year now and have run across many good ideas. It's been very refreshing to read the articles written by successful traders. They clearly dispel the notion that you cannot make a living from trading. I like his mental approach to trading and have found that most of the problems a trader has is of the mental variety. Reading CTCN has definitely paid off for me. I continue to look forward to each issue for all the great ideas that people have discovered and share with their fellow traders.

pin Dan Fretter - I received an ad in the mail for Commodity Traders Club News and as I read through some topics, I became interested in Real Success I immediately sent for a 1-yr. subscription and all back-issues. I called Dave and asked if he would rush the package. (Thanks a million Dave.) When I received the back-issues, I devoured CTCN and found that I knew all this stuff, but I was usually counter-trend rather than with the trend. The next day I took a trade in the S&P. My first trade was an $825 profit. This stuff works. Now most of my trades are profitable. I almost went back to my old job, but now I can stay home trading.

pin "I Got My Wonderful Trading System, So How Come I Can't Make Money Trading It?" As the Editor of Commodity Trading Club News, I Hear that all the time. It's because most of the trading systems out there are curve-fitted, either the system's algorithm or curve-fitted to certain market(s), sometimes just by luck they happen to work in a specific market. This is not the case with Real Success ("Real Success . . . Revealed Secrets") methods, which has been time-tested, and can "work" consistently and with no optimization involved. "If you weren't born rich, didn't marry money, haven't won the lottery . . . here's how you may be able to make it on your own . . ."

Important Editor's Note: The ideas and methods discussed, along with and combined with many of our own methods and techniques, are the basis of CTCN's Real Success Methodology.

You will learn from a proven successful method, which unlike many other self- proclaimed trading experts (vendors), actually "walks the talk." However, the "Real Success (Revealed Secrets)" methodology does in fact do the walk with successful real-time trading possible from the comfort of your home office. As well-known CTCN member Gary Smith wrote about those vendors, "They Can Do The Talk, But They Sure Can't Do The Walk."


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