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Real Success2 Educational
Trader Training Course

Here's all the Potentially Money-making Details on the Simplest, Basic, True Stuff - Which May "Work" for you . . . Come With Us On A Knowledge Journey . . . & Explore This Complete Guide to possible commodity futures trading success"

As the Publisher and Editor of Commodity Traders Club News, I am in a unique and privileged position to hear lots of feedback, details and hands-on type of information about trading systems and success or lack thereof, trading the commodity futures markets.

Having personally talked at length to a large number of traders over the last ten-years, has given me insight and intimate knowledge on many trading systems and methods. During those hundreds of conversations, most every system and trading methodology ever used has been discussed. This "insider's information" is rare knowledge, known to only a privileged few.

Unfortunately, I have found out it's extremely rare for any of the numerous trading systems and methods advertised for sale to really work in real-time actual trading, consistently making money, with low risk, low stress, reasonable and low drawdowns, and without an undue amount of "work."

Luckily, I was fortunate (due in part to my "privileged position as the editor of CTCN") to finally discover a methodology which could really "work" in real-time trading. Read on for all the details . . . on this relatively simple common sense approach to potentially profitable trading, with comparatively low risk, "with reasonable drawdowns and comparatively low stress."

Over the past eleven-plus years we have published many fantastic articles in Commodity Traders Club News, to possibly help make you or save you money covering all aspects of commodity futures trading.

The "Real Success2" methodology is an "average guy's method" in many respects. However, it's far from average in one major way, namely the real possibility of successful commodity futures trading combined with the opportunity to achieve consistent profits, all possible from the comfort of home, with possible reasonably low risk and a comparatively low stress trading style.

Revealed Secrets Methodology typically uses amazingly small stops of about 60 to 150 S&P market points (depending on market volatility), which means your average risk on a typical trade is an amazingly low $300 to $750 per trade! Note: At the time we made first produced the educational video tapes, a 60-point stop-loss in the S&P seemed to be "working well." However, what with today's elevated price levels and higher volatility, somewhat larger stops are sometimes necessary. Sixty-point stops may still be valid but at volatile times stop-losses ranging up to 150-points may be warranted.

"Real Success2" methods are referred to as "blue collar trader methods." By this, we mean it's not used by super large well known traders like Paul Tudor Jones or Richard Dennis, for example. Our Real Success2 method is not being traded by some deep-pocketed money manager sitting in an "ivory tower" on Chicago's LaSalle St. or New York's Wall St. It's a Blue Collar trader's methodology and definitely is not used by well-known fund managers to trade thousands of contracts.

This method is for so-called "small" traders who want to learn how to possibly trade successfully, using a relatively simple approach, which is not exceedingly technical or complicated. In fact, this unique methodology is fairly easy-to-use and teach to others.

It really doesn't matter if you are a beginner, new trader or experienced. . .this is easy to teach and easy-to-use and can help you "get on the road to potentially successful futures trading."

Still another reason our Real Success2 method is referred to as a "blue collar trader method," for mostly small size commodity traders, it does not make $1,000 or more each and every day. It's not like the trading systems advertised in trading magazines and brochures you occasionally get in the mail, which claim or imply you can also do, if you buy their trading system.

In fact, contrary to the advertising and marketing claims of many trading systems and heavily promoted trading seminars, your editor believes it's really next to impossible to make large profits most every day, combined with low risk and one to two-lot trading. Instead, Real Success-2 traders will be happy if they make comparatively small (but significant in the long-run) profits.

You have the opportunity to do it, by studying, mastering and using this methodology, not "over-trading," and using our conservative money management techniques taught in our educational tapes.

These techniques and methods can potentially make Real Success-2 traders consistent and steady profits. If traded correctly and you master the non-mechanical subjective elements, it's possible for our Real Success users to average approximately $750 to $1,500 per week net profits, about $150 to $300 per day.

All this is possible based on trading just one contract per position. On the other side, this method can also incur losses and account drawdowns of $500 or more. In addition, there is a risk of loss in trading and profits are not assured.

But not to worry too much about reasonable size losses and likely drawdowns. The week following (after a drawdown time period), may be a profitable week, with nice profits possible.

Keep in mind, these numbers are based on only one contract per signal. Of course, if you want to trade two-lots or five-lots, etc., simply multiply the potential profits. However, keep in mind we prefer one-lot or two-lot trading because it keeps our risk lower and enables less stressful trading, and also less stress in our life.

We have filmed and duplicated these fantastic educational VHS Videos showing CTC's Real Success (Revealed Secrets) being traded by Dave at his home office. They are concise, hands-on, and contain great knowledge and are also easy to understand. They are based on Dave's own trading knowledge and methods, combined with a number of our copyrighted articles written by many traders and CTCN trading club members from late 1994 thru the early 2000's.

We have added many of our own wrinkles and secret methods which he has been privy to over the years. Dave's own personal trading knowledge is based on his dialogue with other traders for many years and also position trading commodity futures for his own account since April of 1982, and his day trading since early 1983. Note: Dave has not traded consistently all those years, but on an on and off basis. This along with lots of knowledge volunteered by several believed to be highly successful traders. All this can make the Real Success method work even better for you.

These knowledge based hands-on videos, along with CTCN's comprehensive trading manual and bonus extras, are offered to traders with this limited special invitation offer, available on the Internet only.

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